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REFL-B Yellow Reflective Marker 1.75" X 2.875"

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Bright yellow reflective markers, sized at 1.75" x 2.875", provide optimal visibility in any weather, day or night. Crafted for versatility, these markers are ideal for marking toolboxes and equipment bins. Their high reflectivity ensures quick and easy detection, enhancing safety in various environments.


Crafted from durable vinyl, these markers boast a pressure-sensitive adhesive that guarantees secure bonding to smooth surfaces. This ensures a long-lasting solution for marking electrical equipment, general-use tools, and safety zones. The markers play a crucial role in promoting awareness, especially in high-risk areas.


This makes them a comprehensive solution for a range of applications, from marking tools to highlighting safety protocols. Trust in the durability and visibility of REFL-B Yellow Reflective Markers to enhance safety and awareness in various settings.