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REFL-A Yellow Reflective Marker 2.875" X 4.875"

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Bright yellow REFL-A Reflective Markers, measuring 2.875" X 4.875", stand as beacons in adverse lighting. Crafted for visibility, these labels are crucial for emergency responses, aiding in equipment identification, and enhancing safety in challenging conditions.


Designed for versatility, these highly visible labels serve a dual purpose. In emergency response operations, they streamline the identification of crucial equipment locations. Meanwhile, facilities supervisors can employ them to swiftly recognize and address potential safety risks within a workspace.


Crafted from durable vinyl, these reflective markers are engineered for longevity, ensuring a prolonged lifespan in demanding environments. The pressure-sensitive adhesive guarantees a secure bond to smooth surfaces, maintaining the marker's efficacy over time.


The REFL-A Yellow Reflective Marker is a vital tool for ensuring safety and order in various settings. Whether used as electrical equipment labels, reflective markers for general safety, or as part of a broader safety signage strategy, these markers play a pivotal role in mitigating risks and maintaining a secure environment.


Illuminate your workspace with the reliability of REFL-A Reflective Markers — where visibility meets durability.