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MMS-40 Snap-On PVC Markers Awg 8-6

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MMS-40 Snap-On PVC Markers for AWG 8-6 wires offer a seamless solution for electrical identification needs. Crafted with specially designed legs, these open sleeve markers ensure a secure fit, preventing any unwanted movement. Their high environmental tolerance ensures durability in various conditions, while maintaining excellent legibility for clear identification.


Designed for post-termination wires, the MMS-40 markers boast a fast and easy snap-on installation process, streamlining the labeling of wires and cables. The markers measure a compact (H)6.7 mm x (W)6.9 mm, with text dimensions of (H)4.0 mm. This compact size makes them versatile for a range of wire sizes while maintaining visibility.


The MMS-40 Snap-On PVC Markers cater to the specific needs of the electrical industry, providing a reliable solution for marking and identifying wires. Whether dealing with AWG 8 or 6, these markers offer a secure and efficient labeling process. The PVC construction ensures resilience, making them suitable for diverse environmental conditions. Their snap-on design not only facilitates quick installation but also ensures a lasting grip on wires post-termination.


Incorporating these markers into your workflow means benefiting from their practical design, combining ease of use with a focus on durability. The compact dimensions and legibility of the text make them a valuable asset in any electrical project. Elevate your wire and cable management with MMS-40 Snap-On PVC Markers—your reliable choice for efficient and lasting electrical labeling.



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