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MMP-C9 Stainless Steel Carrier For MMP-SS Marker

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Effortlessly elevate your cable marking process with the MMP-C9 Stainless Steel Carrier, designed exclusively for use with MMP-SS Markers. Crafted from flat, acid-resistant stainless steel, this carrier ensures durability and longevity, meeting the high standards of General Contractors and professionals in various industries.


The carrier's thoughtful design features raised points on both ends, facilitating a swift and hassle-free threading experience for stainless steel cable ties. This innovative feature streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time during installations.


Ideal for General Contractors seeking efficiency and precision, the MMP-C9 Stainless Steel Carrier offers a seamless solution for setting markers before securing wires or cables. Its compatibility with MMP markers ensures a perfect fit, creating a reliable system for cable organization and identification.


Whether you're managing a large-scale project or a small-scale installation, the MMP-C9 Stainless Steel Carrier provides a robust foundation for securing MMP markers with confidence. Trust in the quality of stainless steel construction to withstand harsh conditions and maintain optimal performance over time.


Upgrade to the Stainless Steel Horizontal Marker Carrier for a professional edge in cable management. Invest in efficiency, reliability, and durability – choose the MMP-C9 Stainless Steel Carrier for your next project.