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MMP-C17 Stainless Steel Carrier For MMP-SS Marker

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Effortlessly elevate your wire and cable marking process with the MMP-C17 Stainless Steel Carrier designed exclusively for MMP-SS Markers. Crafted with precision, this flat and acid-resistant carrier streamlines your workflow, featuring raised points on both ends for swift and hassle-free threading of stainless steel cable ties.


Ideal for General Contractors seeking efficiency, the Stainless Steel Horizontal Marker Carrier is a game-changer in cable management. Its robust design ensures durability, making it a reliable companion for various applications. The carrier's strategic construction enables you to set markers conveniently before wire or cable installation, optimizing your project timeline and precision.


Engineered for seamless integration with MMP markers, this carrier empowers you to achieve meticulous organization and identification of cables. Whether you're managing complex wiring systems or handling straightforward installations, the MMP-C17 Stainless Steel Carrier brings unmatched convenience to your hands.


Upgrade your cable marking toolkit and experience the advantages of a purpose-built carrier. Elevate your efficiency, enhance your precision – choose the MMP-C17 Stainless Steel Carrier for a seamless marking experience tailored to the demands of General Contractors and stainless steel marker applications.