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MMP-C13 Stainless Steel Carrier For MMP-SS Marker

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Ensure a seamless and efficient wire and cable marking process with the MMP-C13 Stainless Steel Carrier designed exclusively for use with MMP-SS Markers. Crafted from durable, acid-resistant materials, this carrier streamlines the installation of stainless steel cable ties with its smart design.


The carrier features raised points on both ends, strategically placed for quick and easy threading of stainless steel cable ties. This innovative design facilitates a hassle-free setup, enabling you to position markers accurately before securing your wire or cable. Say goodbye to time-consuming marker adjustments during installation.


Ideal for General Contractors and professionals in need of precise and durable marking solutions, the MMP-C13 Stainless Steel Carrier ensures a reliable and secure fit for MMP markers. Its compatibility with MMP-SS markers makes it an essential tool for anyone working with stainless steel markers in various applications.


Constructed with the highest standards of quality, this carrier not only simplifies the installation process but also enhances the longevity of your markers. The stainless steel construction ensures resistance to corrosion, adding to the overall durability and reliability of your marking system.


Upgrade your workflow with the Stainless Steel Horizontal Marker Carrier, providing a professional edge to your wire and cable installations. Invest in a tool that prioritizes efficiency, accuracy, and longevity – the MMP-C13 Stainless Steel Carrier for MMP-SS Markers. Elevate your marking experience and streamline your projects with confidence.