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MMDHR-2 PVC Marker Awg 22-16

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The MMDHR-2 PVC Marker AWG 22-16 offers a secure solution for wire and cable organization, ensuring a seamless assembly process. Designed for electrical applications, this closed marker sleeve is perfect for unconnected wires within the 22-16 AWG range, measuring between 0.051 and 0.118 inches (1.3 - 3.0mm).


With the flexibility to arrange markers in any sequence, you can easily create a customized code for efficient assembly. The markers interlock when fitted together, facilitating the alignment of multiple character markings. This feature is especially beneficial during installation or maintenance tasks, streamlining your workflow.


For quick and convenient replenishment, the MMDHR-2 is compatible with MMDR refill packs. To complement the red holders, don't forget to order red applicators. The closed PVC markers ensure the security and legibility of wire markings, boasting a text height of 2.6mm. This kit excels in high environmental tolerance, making it reliable in various working conditions.


Experience the durability and practicality of the MMDHR-2 PVC Marker AWG 22-16, an essential tool for anyone working with electrical wiring. Elevate your wire and cable organization with these closed PVC markers, designed to meet the demands of professional installations and maintenance projects.


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