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MMB-PVL Wire Maker Book 450 Labels .25" X 1.25"

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Elevate your brand identity and streamline your organizational processes with the MMB-PVL Wire Maker Book 450 Labels (.25" x 1.25"). Tailor-made for the Electrical, Telecommunication, and Datacom Identification sectors, this Wire Marker Booklet is your ultimate solution for efficient wire labeling.


Our innovative Brand Identity Program (BIP) empowers you to leave a lasting impression. Craft a custom branded cover using our predefined legend sequences, fostering brand recognition and customer loyalty. The best part? There are NO fees for the bespoke cover design – we believe in enhancing your brand without breaking the bank.


This Vinyl Cloth Wire Marker Book ensures durability and longevity, even in challenging environments. The Cloth Wire Marker labels guarantee clear and precise identification, promoting efficiency in your operations.


Take the reins of your brand's image by reaching out to us at 1-866-Ziptape or via email at Whether you're looking for a Private Branded Wire Maker Booklet or seeking a reliable solution for your wire labeling needs, our product caters to a spectrum of industries.