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HSM3 Thermal Transfer Printable Heat Shrink Marker

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Discover the pinnacle of wire marking precision with our HSM3 Thermal Transfer Printable Heat Shrink Markers. Crafted from a highly flame-retardant, self-extinguishing flexible polyolefin tubing, these markers excel in durability and safety. The material is not only resilient but also boasts exceptional printability, ensuring clear and lasting identification.


Ideal for a spectrum of applications, our heat shrinkable wire markers shine in commercial, industrial, and residential cable and wiring scenarios. Specifically recommended for aerospace, military, and defense applications, these markers are designed to meet rigorous standards. The vibrant Yellow and White options are the most sought-after choices, but our commitment to customization means we welcome inquiries for any color preference not currently available.


In the realm of heat guns, the Steinel Heat Guns stand out as the preferred choice, seamlessly complementing the efficiency and performance of our HSM3 markers. When it comes to thermal transfer printable polyolefin markers, we've got you covered.


Embrace the reliability and versatility that our HSM3 markers bring to your cable and wiring projects. Elevate your cable identification game with these heat shrink markers, specially engineered for the demands of commercial, industrial, and residential settings. Trust in the quality of our polyolefin markers to deliver clarity, durability, and safety in every application.