Your labels will last longer when they are self-laminated!

Nothing is worse than needing to read the information found on a cable label and finding out the information has been abraded away, washed away by water or cleaning solvents or degraded by UV light. With self-laminating wire and cable labels, your printed or hand-written information is protected under a strong layer of clear film to give it protection like no other label or ID tag can provide. We have been producing self-laminating labels for over 50 years and can provide them in a variety of film types and adhesive compounds. They are available in rolls, sheets and books and in a multitude of sizes and colors. Some of the most popular items that companies self-laminate are:

  • Server room cabling
  • Data center cabling
  • Security system wires
  • Recreational vehicle wiring
  • Electrical cabinet wires
  • Control panel wiring

We offer a variety of self-laminating label products with a variety of write-on space sizes available. 

We offer a variety of self-laminating label products with a variety of write-on space sizes available. We will even customize your labels based on your particular applications needs. We offer many different custom options in self-laminating labels and can pre-print your logo, data or even company colors. Our self-laminating labels are:

  • Water resistant and weather resistant
  • Solvent and abrasion-resistant
  • Durable, yet flexible
  • Machine printable or hand writeable
  • Available in many colors and additional sizes to suit any need

We produce a large selection of blank, laser printable self-laminating labels for your laser printer but can always customize to your needs. We offer a large inventory of stock products and the ability to develop numerous color combination and custom applications on specific size runs. Our self-laminating labels are supplied on US letter size sheets, so, if you wish, you can print your own labels using a typical laser printer. We also supply them in rolls for thermal transfer printers and in booklets for hand-writing in the field. These products are extremely useful for identifying cables or wires with the added protection of the self-laminating layer.

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