Your company is sure to stand out with narrow web flexographic printing!

Flexo Label Printing

We love helping companies grow. One of the ways to do that is using narrow web flexographic printing on your labels. If you want your product to stand out from the others, a high resolution flexographic label is a great way to present a quality product.

High-definition flexography is the latest technology in a printing process that has long been king.. New printing plate imaging attains 4,000 pixels per inch. Flexographic printing is the fastest printing process when you need near photographic quality color images. Our Flexographic inks are UV light cured and will stand the test of time.

Why is narrow web flexo so popular?

  • It allows many flexible materials to be printed on.
  • It is ideal for printing on food packaging, chemical and pharmaceutical and product labels
  • Process technology is always improving.
  • Customers have a wide range between material and colors used.

Label Printing Process

Narrow web flexo is perfect for accuracy, speed, versatility and quality. Our presses have a 10" capacity. 

This allows for optimum label printing for both desktop and standard paper printers. Within that 10" limit we offer flood coating, registered printing, and printable coatings so our customers can use their own thermal transfer or laser printers to customize their labels.

Narrow web printing is perfect for many production runs. Color matching on our flexo press often outperforms digital or offset printing. Narrow web flexographic offers more than just cost savings, it also has a wide variety of substrates that can be processed. This offers the benefits of many other printing processes in a wide window of flexographic benefits.

Narrow web flexo has proven itself to be a versatile process that will meet the economic and quality demands of the market. This is just one of the reasons it has remained strong in the digital age . For more information on narrow web flexo, contact us today!

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