Zip Ties vs. Velcro Straps

Zip Ties vs. Velcro Straps

The Battle: Zip Ties vs. Velcro

The ongoing battle… zip ties versus hook and loop straps. They’re both capable of creating beautiful, structured cabling projects. They both have strong, desirable qualities to them. But in a battle… who would come out on top as the champion? Let’s find out!

Let the battle begin!


Zip Ties

First up in the ring… the tried and true zip ties! Zip ties were invented back in 1958 and were initially used for airplane wire harnesses. Since then, they have vastly evolved and are now available in a variety of sizes, colors, and grades. Because of this, combined with their extremely low cost and high-durability, zip ties are still a top choice for use in cable management.

Zip ties are also available as plenum-rated cable ties, which are approved for use in electrical and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) applications. For extreme conditions, zip ties are available as Tefzel® cable ties, which are resistant to radiation, ultraviolet light, corrosive chemicals, and extreme temperatures. These little guys sure do pack a lot of punch! Although zip ties are proven to be extremely mighty, they’re still small enough to fit through holes for wiring jobs, and don’t take up much space.



The oldest of our contenders, hook and loop fasteners (most commonly known as Velcro) were conceived in 1941 by Swiss engineer George de Mestral. Of course, Velcro wasn’t initially used for cable management. At first, Velcro was meant to be the “zipperless zipper” in the fashion and textile industry.

Now, Velcro has a ton of uses, and among them is cable management. The use of Velcro straps for cable management is becoming increasingly popular, and now some techs won’t use anything else. Velcro wraps are favored by many due to their ability to be reused over and over again, and the fact that they don’t require scissors or a cable tie removal tool to cut them off. Although Velcro cable ties are generally more expensive than zip ties, some justify the cost due to their reusability.

Velcro straps are available in a variety of sizes, and even in reusable continuous rolls, which allow you to cut the strap to any desired length. This gives Velcro straps the advantage of being able to handle very large bundles.   Many people choose to use both zip ties and Velcro, with Velcro straps being used for more temporary jobs or large bundles, and zip ties being used for permanent or semi-permanent jobs.


The Results

In the end, both zip ties and Velcro straps have their unique advantages, and it’s a tough call on which one is the champion of cable management. We need your help in determining the victor! Which cable tie is your reigning champion? Leave your vote below, so we can decide once and for all who the ultimate winner is!  


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