Would You Look at That! Jewelry Tags Are Optical Frame Tags

Would You Look at That! Jewelry Tags Are Optical Frame Tags.

Looking at Jewelry Tags through a Different Lens

You might know that Label ID Systems’ jewelry tags are a great choice for labeling and tagging your jewelry. But they don’t stop there! Did you also know that our jewelry tags are perfect for eyeglass price tags or optical frame labels?

Whether your company sells prescription frames, fashion eyewear, or sunglasses, we know that presentation is crucial when it comes to your products. Impress your customers with professional, printed tags that last. Using a thermal transfer printer, you can create printed optical frame labels that are durable, professional, and long lasting.

For the absolute best results, use our compatible resin ribbon when printing on your tags. This will ensure that your eyeglass tags stay smudge-proof and fade-proof even under strong lighting and through daily handling. For more information on resin ribbon, check out our blog article on the different types of thermal transfer printer ribbon. To help your business stand out even more, we also offer custom multicolor logo printing for your tags.

If you have any questions regarding custom printing, feel free to contact us at (480) 966-2999. 

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