When Labels are Left Out in the Cold: Cryogenic Labels

When Labels are Left Out in the Cold: Cryogenic Labels

When Labels are Left Out in the Cold: Cryogenic Labels

When it comes to below freezing temperatures, standard labels just won’t do. Most standard labels will lose their durability and fall off when exposed to cold temperatures. All labels aren’t created equal though- did you know that there are specialty films and adhesives for labels that are made to withstand extremely cold temperatures? Choosing cryogenic labels (freezer grade labels) that are meant for frigid environments can help save you time, money, and headaches in the future. Cryogenic labels won’t lose their durability, no matter what comes their way. They’re meant to be left out in the cold!

Read below for frequently asked questions and answers regarding cryogenic labels.   

In which environments are cryogenic labels used?

Cryogenic or freezer labels are used in any application where the label is going to be exposed to frigid conditions, including:
  • Frozen foods
  • Co-packing
  • Dairy facilities
  • Barcode labels in cold conditions
  • Unheated warehouses
  • Blast freezing environments
  • Cold weather climates
  • Rack or location labels in cold storage environments
  • Cryogenic laboratories
  • Cold storage in restaurants
  • Meat and poultry processing
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Corrective labeling in cold environments

Why do cold environments need cryogenic labels?

When standard labels are exposed to cold temperatures, their adhesive will freeze, causing the adhesive to harden and lose its “stickiness”. This can cause the labels to lose their durability and fall off the surface. In environments where a label goes through repeated cycles of freezing and thawing, moisture will develop. This is why it is also important to choose labels with film and adhesive that are resistant to this moisture.  


Are there any special precautions when applying cryogenic labels?

  It is important that the surface you are applying the cryogenic labels to is dry in order for them to have ultimate durability and resistance. Wipe off any excess frost, ice, or moisture when applying your cryogenic labels. It is also important to be aware of the lowest application temperature that the label can be exposed to. When ordering your cryogenic labels, be sure to specify to the label manufacturer what temperatures your labels will be exposed to.  


How do I go about ordering cryogenic labels?

  If you’re interested in cryogenic labels, talk to our friendly experts at Ziptape today! Here at Ziptape Label ID Systems, we can give you more information on cryogenic labels, guide you through the ordering process, and ensure you’re getting the best possible labels for your needed applications. Feel free to give us a call today at 1.866.ZIPTAPE, or send us an email at info@ziptape.com.

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