Top 3 Benefits of Using Promotional Labels

Top 3 Benefits of Using Promotional Labels

Top 3 Benefits of Using Promotional Labels

In today’s constantly-evolving marketing world, tried and true methods of advertising are often overlooked. Although much of today's advertising has turned digital, promotional products are still proving to be one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools. They also have the highest advertising recall over television, print, and online advertising.

When deciding which promotional product to use, promotional labels or promotional stickers are an effective way to increase exposure and reinforce your brand at the lowest cost per impression. They can also create a cohesive look throughout your products and packaging.

1. Low-Cost Marketing Tool

Not only are promotional stickers extremely effective as a marketing tool, but they also have one of the lowest costs per impression of all advertising methods. This is because a single label can generate countless impressions both online and offline. If you pay 10 cents for a promotional label and someone sees it just 10 times, your cost per impression is already down to one cent. People use stickers on everything from notebooks to laptops to vehicles, which can be used for years and seen thousands of times. This makes promotional labels one of the longest-lasting, inexpensive, and most powerful methods of advertising.


2. The Gift That Never Stops Giving

One great way to use promotional labels is to give them out as promotional stickers. Promotional labels, or promotional stickers, have a higher perceived value and are harder to throw away than other promotional materials such as business cards or flyers. Promotional stickers are often viewed more as a gift than as an advertisement, and can turn into long-term advertising if they are stuck onto permanent devices. For this reason, you should make sure that they promotional stickers you purchase are durable, long-lasting, and waterproof. Promotional stickers make great giveaways at conferences, events, and trade shows. They are also quick, easy, and light to ship. Quickly adding a small gift to orders can leave a lasting impression with your customers.


3. Identity Development

You lose 10% influence for every month that your customer doesn't hear from you. Privately branding your products is a great way to remind your customer of your business every time they use your product. You can easily label all of your products and packaging with branded labels to create a unified and cohesive look. It reinforces your brand identity and ensures your customer will remember your company. With branded promotional labels from ZipTape, you'll get the best quality labels at competitive prices. We offer a variety of colors, materials, shapes, and finishes that will make your promotional labels stand out in a crowd. We also offer many durable options such as weatherproof, waterproof, tear-resistant, and more.

For questions regarding promotional stickers for your business, send us an email at or give us a call at 1.866.ZIPTAPE.

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