Successful Craft Show Tips: Jewelry Price Tags

Successful Craft Show Tips: Jewelry Price Tags

Successful Craft Show Tips: Jewelry Price Tags

How to Maximize Sales with Effective Price Display

Craft shows are both an exciting and profitable place to get your business noticed by the general public. They can also be a bit overwhelming. Preparing ahead of time can help the day of the show go a lot smoother, and will also help you maximize the number of sales you bring in.

The most important part of a craft fair is finding an effective way to present yourself and your products to potential customers. As a vendor, you know that presentation plays a key role in driving sales. You may have already started by working on your craft fair display, making sure your booth or table will be noticeable enough to draw customers in. This is a great start, but booth display only makes up the outer layer of presentation.

Once people are drawn to your table, you need effective product presentation in order to turn a browsing customer into a buying customer. Believe it or not, all of us as consumers have been conditioned to shop a certain way. Wherever we shop, whether it’s a large department store or a small boutique, there are common ways of displaying products.

One simple yet significant part to this is price display. No matter where you shop, prices are always printed on each individual item. If they’re not, it is often seen as a nuisance. Many customers at a craft fair expect the same easy and convenient shopping experience that they would find anywhere else. They will expect to be able to easily find prices on your items. If a customer likes an item but can’t find a price for it, chances are you just lost a sale. Not everyone wants to ask for a price when shopping. If they are willing to ask and you’re tied up with another customer or a sale, the item will most likely be put back and your potential customer will walk away. In addition to this, many shoppers go by the motto, “If I can’t find the price, I can’t afford the item.” They may think that the reason prices aren’t displayed is because your prices are too high. Don’t lose out on potential customers due to poor pricing display!

So what’s the best way to effectively display your prices? Some vendors might want to save some time by making a standing sign for prices. This may seem like a good idea at first, but can cause complications on the day of your show. Craft fairs bring in heavy traffic, and as customers start going through your table, items will get moved around and away from their correct signage. This can cause a $20 item to get moved to the $5 item section, causing a confused and frustrated customer.

To avoid customer confusion, it is best to display prices in a way that will be most familiar to them, which is to label each of your items individually. Take the time to put a price tag on everything. This will ultimately save you time on the day of your show, will give your items a professional look, and will maximize your sales.

Our barbell tags featuring a custom multicolor printed logo. Here at Label ID Systems, we manufacture durable jewelry price tags for all of your crafting needs. We have many options available, ranging from traditional rat-tail jewelry tags to barbell tags.

Our barbell tags are a perfect choice for tagging jewelry, ornaments, accessories, and many other craft fair items. Some of our jewelry tags even feature an adhesive-free zone, if you're worried about your price tags sticking to your pieces and leaving a tacky residue.

To make your tags stand out even more, we also offer custom multi color logo printing for your tags. Adding a logo to your price tags will make a professional and lasting impression on your customers.

A lot of time and effort goes into planning for a craft fair. Don’t risk losing sales at your next show because you didn’t properly label your items. Tagging each item is best for both you and your potential customers. Taking the time to do this will take the guesswork out of buying your items and will create a nice, professional display.

The easier the shopping experience is for your visitors, the more likely it is that they’ll become satisfied customers!

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