Successful Craft Show Tips: Booth Display

Successful Craft Show Tips: Booth Display

How the Smallest Details Can Make the Biggest Impact

When preparing for your next craft show, figuring out your display booth can be a bit challenging. Craft fairs tend to be packed with a wide variety of vendors, and shoppers won’t have enough time to go through every single booth. It’s up to you to capture their attention quickly so they won’t miss out on your amazing products. It’s difficult to make an eye-catching display that’s portable, compact, and that doesn’t require a lot of assembly time.

With these five simple craft show tips, you’ll master the art of booth display in no time.    

1. Prepare ahead of time

Preparation is key when it comes to craft shows. Give yourself enough time to get everything ready and create a schedule for yourself. Work on as much of your display as you can at home. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to set up on the day of the show.    

2. Invest in good lighting

For indoor shows, having good lighting at your table is critical. Never assume that the lighting provided in the building will be adequate. Having nice, bright lights at your booth will invite customers in and help them see your items clearly. Track lighting tends to be the most popular choice at craft shows. You can easily and securely attach track lighting to your booth’s pipes or bars with zip ties. Make sure to clip off the excess tie once your lighting is installed for a clean presentation.   

3. Work up

Use standing or hanging displays in your booth area to make the most out of the tiny space you’re given. It is always a good idea to “work up” in small spaces, plus it will allow your customers to see your products better. Many vendors choose to purchase lattice or wire panels to display their artwork on, and hinge them together with cable ties  

Watch the video tutorial above on How to Build a Display for Art and Craft Shows. For a standing display, arrange the panels in a zig zag formation. If you don’t have enough floor room, you can hang the panels from your tent with zip ties. You can also use zip ties to attach hanging wire to the panels. Be sure to bring scissors or cable tie cutters with you in order to take your display down at the end of the day.  

4. Tag all of your items

The last thing a customer wants to do is have to ask how much an item is, and they usually won’t. Not tagging each of your items can result in a loss of sales. Check and make sure that all of your items are properly tagged with price tags before the show. For more information on why it’s necessary to properly tag your items, view our Successful Craft Show Tips: Jewelry Price Tags article.  

5. Pack a survival kit

There’s no telling what unexpected events might happen on the day of the show. Make sure that you’re prepared to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Having a craft show “emergency kit” on hand can prevent a disaster on the day of the show. You can use anything from a decorative cosmetic bag to a vintage tool box, but make sure to pack essentials in it. Include extra price tags, sunscreen, zip ties, scissors or a cable tie cutter, pens, snacks, and your business cards in it. 

Now that you’ve been equipped with these five simple tips, your next craft show should be a breeze! Here at Label ID Systems, we offer zip ties in a variety of sizes, as well as a wide array of jewelry price tags.

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