Reusing Zip Ties without a Hack

Reusing Zip Ties without a Hack

Reusing Zip Ties without a Hack

  When you think of zip ties, you normally think of them as a one-time use product. But did you know that zip ties can be reused over and over again? There are a wide variety of life hack videos floating around the internet that show you how to unlock and reuse a zip tie by using a safety pin, nail, paperclip, or other small tool. We are all for life hacks, but there is actually a much easier way to reuse them, and you don’t need any tool at all! Did you know that certain cable ties are actually made to be reused? No hack needed!

Read below to learn more about reusable zip ties, when to use them, and how beneficial they can be.     

Q: How do reusable zip ties work?

A: Reusable or releasable zip ties work through a trigger style release function on the tie. Simply push down the trigger lever and pull the zip tie free. The zip tie is now ready for reuse. It’s that easy! No tools or pins needed.  

Q: When can I use reusable zip ties?

A: Releasable zip ties are very useful around the house or at the office. Reusable zip ties are also a great solution for more temporary uses or for cable bundles that may need re-positioning or readjusting in the future. With releasable zip ties, you can easily add cables to existing bundles without having to cut your zip tie free. If you move or rewire your bundles often, releasable zip ties could be your best option. You'll never have to carry around cable tie cutters or scissors again!  

Q: What are the benefits of using releasable cable ties?

A: The best benefit of reusable zip ties is in their name: you can reuse them over and over again! This can dramatically reduce the amount of waste created, and is more cost effective since you won’t need to buy cable ties as often. They are also extremely easy to use, and unlike standard cable ties, don’t require any kind of tool for removal. Releasable zip ties remain durable even after several uses.  

Q: Do I have any other options for reusable cable ties?

A: Yes, Velcro cable ties are another type of reusable cable tie. Velcro cable ties are widely popular in the information technology and audiovisual industry do to their ease of use, the fact that they can handle large bundles, and their ability to be removed and readjusted as needed.

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