Packaging Trends: Clear Product Labels

Packaging Trends: Clear Product Labels

Packaging Trends: Clear Product Labels

Today’s consumers are flooded with options when shopping for products, and it is proven that product packaging design has a huge influence on the consumer’s purchasing decision. In today’s visual world, packaging trends are constantly changing, and it is important to research them when designing and choosing your product labels.

Today, we’re going to look into trending clear product labels, their benefits, and why they may be the right fit for your products.    

Easy Blending

If your product container is colored, or if you have a variety of different colored containers, choosing clear product labels can allow the label to blend into any container, giving your product an attractive, uniform look on every container.    

Cost-Effective Alternative to Direct Printing

While printing directly onto the container can have a nice look sometimes, it is often a much more expensive option. If you desire that “no label” appearance on your product containers, choosing clear product labels can be a great, cost-effective alternative. You can also choose different label coatings to give your product labels a glossy or matte look.   


Showcase Your Product’s Contents

Clear product labels have the advantage of doing what no other label can do – they give you the ability to showcase your product’s contents. If your product bottle or container has unique or aesthetically pleasing contents, clear labels can help consumers identify your product without blocking what’s inside.    

Getting Creative

Clear product labels leave room for a lot of design creativity, and we’ve seen this with many popular brands. One trending packaging technique is to put a clear label on the front of your container paired with another label on the back of the container, merging the two designs into one 3D design. This can add a fun and interesting feel to your product package. Both Softsoap and Fiji use this creative technique in packaging.

Going Beyond Product Labels

Did you know that clear labels can go way beyond product packaging? Clear labels can also be used on various marketing materials, promotional products, and mailers. Clear labels are becoming increasingly popular due to their clean, modern look and ability to blend into any color material.  

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