Fun Summertime DIY with Zip-Ty!

Fun Summertime DIY with Zip-Ty!

The weather’s getting warmer, the sun’s out, and you’re ready to bust out your sunscreen, shades, and summertime clothes. One of the best times of the year for relaxing, vacationing, and fun with family and friends is just around the corner! Add some extra fun to your summer this year with these fun summer DIY uses for zip ties.  

In the Garden

  Plant Support. Gently secure zip ties to garden stakes or trellises to keep your peppers, tomatoes, perennials, and other tall plants supported and to maximize growth!    

“Gardening Kneeling Pad” DIY Craft. This pinner had the cool idea of making a kneeling pad for her gardening out of pool noodles and zip ties! She even used two different pool noodles to give it a fun, colorful look. You can use as many colors as you’d like!    

Upcycled “Garden Hose Rug” DIY Craft. Another fun craft for your garden! Upcycle old garden hoses to make this beautiful outdoor rug using black zip ties. Visit for the full tutorial and more pictures!  

On Vacation 


Suitcase Space Saver. Try saying that three times fast! But seriously, you can save tons of space in your suitcase by rolling up sets of clothes and securing them with a zip tie.    

Avoid Baggage Claim Blunders. Make it easier to identify your suitcase in the sea of black luggage at baggage claim by tying zip ties around your suitcase handles. Arrange the zip ties in a memorable pattern or in different colors so you can easily spot your luggage!    

Camping Companions. Take a pack of zip ties with you on your next camping trip. They can double as “locks” for your tent to keep out critters and other unwanted guests. You can also hang food packs, lights, decorations and necessities from trees with zip ties. To keep critters, ticks, or mosquitos from crawling up your legs, secure zip ties to the bottoms of your pants.    

In the Pool

“Pool Noodle Storage” DIY Craft. What a neat idea for storing your pool noodles! Secure two laundry baskets together with zip ties. As this pinner says, it keeps the dogs from eating them!    

“Floatable Pool Bin” DIY Craft. Make a floating pool bin by securing pool noodles to a basket with zip ties!    

DIY Pool Floaties. Make your own pool floaties for your small child. This pinner used different pool noodles cut up to make a fun, colorful float!  

Summertime Activities   

Tie-Dye Ty. Tie dying is always a fun summer craft! Next time you tie dye, try using zip ties in place of rubber bands. You won’t have to wrap the ties around multiple times, making it easier and leaving fewer creases!    

Garage Sale Go-To. What’s summer without a yard sale? Next time you’re hanging clothes to sell, skip pricking your fingers on safety pins and use zip ties to hang your clothes instead. Attach your clothes to hangers by threading a zip tie through the belt loops or tank top straps.    

Trick Out Your Trampoline. Make your trampoline the talk of the town with these cool upgrade ideas! Create fun, colorful spring safety pads with some pool noodles and zip ties. Another fun idea is to spice up your trampoline with string lights, by attaching them with zip ties! This makes for a cool effect at night; the kids will love it!    

“Zip Tie Rain Chain” DIY Craft. This cool zip tie rain chain makes a fun summertime DIY craft that functions as a useful rain chain for the house! Head over to for the full tutorial.

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