ANSI/TIA 606-B Labeling Standards

ANSI/TIA 606-B Labeling Standards

While there aren’t any required standards for the labeling of cabling infrastructures, following recommended standards will separate your business from non-professional competition all while making your life a lot easier. Installations that are improperly labeled are difficult to manage and maintain, and can leave your premises looking like this (..hopefully that’s not you in there):

Scary! Hopefully he made it out of there!  

The ANSI/TIA 606-B standard helps to prevent this nightmare. It includes recommendations on how to properly label and manage a cabling infrastructure. The ANSI/TIA 606-B was developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and is approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Following the ANSI/TIA 606-B guidelines can take your data center from looking like the unfortunate above picture to looking like this:  

Beautiful! Nowhere to get lost!   You can download the full ANSI/TIA 606-B standards book from the IHS Standards Store. The following are just a few of the guidelines set up by TIA regarding the labeling of cabling infrastructures:

  • The size, color, and contrast of all labels should ensure that the identifiers are easy to read.
  • All labels should be resistant to their environment. (E.g. oil, water, heat, UV resistant labels)
  • The text on the label needs to be machine generated. (I.e. printed, never hand-written)
  • Every location, cable, pathway, and termination must have a unique identifier.
  • Each run must have its own descriptive label.
  • Each identifying label must be placed within 30cm of the end cable.
Label ID Systems offers a variety of cable labels that comply with ANSI/TIA 606-B standards. For more information on our cable labels, or to receive a free PDF Quick Guide on ANSI/TIA 606-B, email us at info@ziptape.com!
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