7 Ways Cable Tie Mounts Can Make Your Life Easier

7 Ways Cable Tie Mounts Can Make Your Life Easier

7 Ways Cable Tie Mounts Can Make Your Life Easier

Want to make your life a whole lot easier? Cable tie mounts are small plastic squares that come backed with a strong, durable adhesive. These mounts will easily stick to flat surfaces such as walls, ceilings, desks, etc. The squares come equipped with four small holes, so that you can thread zip ties through them and easily secure cables, wires, hoses and cords. Using a cable tie mount is as easy as 1,2,3:
  1. Clean. Clean the surface that you are securing the cable mount to.
  2. Stick. Remove the backing to expose the adhesive and firmly press the cable tie mount onto the surface.
  3. Secure. Thread a zip tie through the cable tie mount and cinch it around the cable, wire, or cord!

For some awesome ideas on how to use cable tie mounts, check out our list below:  

1. Under-the-Desk Cable Management

Keep cables from taking over your desk area by keeping them neat and tidy under your desk. Attach as many squares as you need underneath your desk for a clean, uncluttered work space.  

2. Baby-Proof the House

 Keep cords and cables away from curious babies and toddlers by securing them with cable tie mounts high enough out of their reach. Cable tie mounts can easily stick to walls, tables, ceilings, and desks!  

3. Clean Up Conference Room Cables

Keep your conference room clean and clutter-free by sticking a few square mounts underneath the conference table, and discreetly running the cables to the front of the room.

4. Hang Up Holiday Lighting

Adhesive cable tie mounts are a great solution for hanging up seasonal indoor or outdoor string lighting! Simply stick the adhesive mounts wherever your lighting will need to be secured. Hang up your lights and thread a zip tie through the mount, cinch, and voila! You can also use cable tie mounts to hang up garland or decorative banners. It’s quick, easy, and secure!  

5. Manage Boat Wiring

Cable tie mounts are great for securing wiring on boats so that you don’t have to drill any holes! Just make sure that when you apply the adhesive square, the surface is clean and dry so that it is able to adhere correctly.  

6 Clean Up PC Builds

Easily manage and secure cables inside your case using cable tie mounts and cable ties. This will keep your case looking clean, increase the airflow inside your PC, and decrease the risk of damage to your parts.  

7. Everyday Cable Management

Of course we had to add everyday cable management in here! Any loose, hanging, or tangled wires or cables can easily be kept out of the way with these handy little cable tie mounts! There is no project too big or too small for cable tie mounts!

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