6 Amazing Life Hacks (All Thanks to Cable Ties)

6 Amazing Life Hacks (All Thanks to Cable Ties)

6 Amazing Life Hacks All Thanks to Cable Ties

It’s no secret that cable ties are great for organization and cable management. But they don’t stop there. These little guys go above and beyond their call of duty every day. These six uncanny uses for zip ties will make you love them as much as we do!  

1. Gardening

Zip ties are surprisingly popular in the gardening world. Using zip ties on garden stakes can keep your tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers and other plants upright and standing in place. You can also use zip ties to secure the fencing around your garden.    

2. Holiday Decorating

Keep holiday garland and string lights straight and in place on railings, fences, trees, or bushes by securing them with zip ties! You can also use adhesive cable tie mounts to mount lights up on the house or roof without using screws. Check out this video tutorial to learn how to attach holiday lights using self-adhesive cable ties.

Bonus Hack: Zip ties also work great in a pinch to substitute for missing hangers on ornaments or hanging decorations.

Bonus Hack #2: At the end of the season, neatly roll up your lights and secure them with another zip tie to keep them from getting tangled during months of storage!

3. Keep Luggage Safe During Travel

Next time you travel, use cable ties to keep your luggage safe and secure. Tie the two zipper pulls together on your luggage to keep it from opening during travel and to prevent theft. You’ll also know if your bag was inspected by TSA because your zip ties will be cut.

Bonus Hack: Keep your nail clippers in an accessible zipper pocket. Once you reach your destination, you can easily clip your zip tie off with these.

Bonus Hack #2: You can also make your luggage stand out on the conveyor belt at the airport by securing colorful zip ties to your luggage handle!

4. Floral Arrangements

Keep your floral arrangements perfectly arranged by securing a zip tie around the bouquet stems (not too tight) before setting them in your vase. Your arrangements will stay in place and look exactly how you’d envisioned them!  

5. Temporary Child-Proof Locks

If you’re expecting guests that will include small children, connect cabinet and pantry knobs with zip ties before they arrive. These will serve as temporary child-proof locks to keep little ones out of cleaning chemicals, medicine cabinets, or anything else you don’t want them to get into.    

6. Unclog a Drain 

Unclogging hair from the bathroom sink or shower is never a fun task, but did you know that you can easily get the job done by using a cable tie? This easy-to-follow guide on how to unclog a drain with a cable tie shows how making small diagonal slits on the sides can make your cable tie double as a hair catcher.

Do you have your own creative uses for cable ties?

Let us know in the comment section below and your idea could be featured in our next #FridayFun article!

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