5 Summertime DIY Crafts with Velcro

5 Summertime DIY Crafts with Velcro

5 Summertime DIY Crafts with Velcro

Since we’re a big fan of hook-and-loop straps here at Ziptape, we searched the internet for some of the coolest summertime DIY ideas using them. Sweeten up your summertime with these five fun DIY crafts using hook and loop (Velcro) straps! You can use a continuous roll for these projects, and simply cut to the length you need!  

1. Easy Sew Freezie Koozies.

Kids (and adults!) love eating freezies in the summertime, but they can quickly freeze little ones’ hands. This clever idea for Easy Sew Freezie Koozies will be a hit at summertime parties and get-togethers! All you need is a washcloth, Velcro strips, some scrap fabric, and a sewing machine. Check out the full tutorial at Fynes Designs!    

2. Sports Sleeve Scrunchies.

Summer is a great time for outdoor sports. These cool sleeve scrunchies will keep your child’s sleeves rolled up when they’re out hitting home runs! All you need for this craft is elastic, nylon webbing, Velcro strips, and decorative ribbon of your choice. Personalize the scrunchie for your child by choosing a ribbon that features their favorite sport or color! You can find the full tutorial for this craft on Growing Up Gabel.    

3. Pool Towel Wrap.

This DIY towel wrap can be used on your next vacation or at backyard pool parties. The Velcro strips keep the towel wrapped snugly around your little one after a fun day at the beach! Watch the full tutorial from Fleece Fun above.  

4. Bubble Wand Holder.

You’ll never have to deal with spilt bubbles again with this cool idea for a Bubble Wand Holder. This pinner simply wrapped Velcro strips around their backyard post to securely hold summertime bubble wands!    

5. Roll Up Picnic Blanket.

Picnicking this summer will be a breeze with this roll up picnic blanket! Using some fabric, bias tape, cotton batting, and Velcro strips, you can make a cute picnic blanket that rolls up and stores easily. You can read the full tutorial at Crazy Little Projects.
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