5 Simple Steps to Designing Effective Product Labels

5 Simple Steps to Designing Effective Product Labels

With 70% of purchasing decisions being made in store, an eye-catching product label is essential to attracting and engaging customers. Shoppers have an endless amount of options to choose from when browsing store shelves, and most in-store purchasing behavior is based solely on appearance. When it comes to packaging design, looks matter.

Using these 5 simple steps, you’ll be on your way to designing extraordinary product labels that stand out from the competition.  

1. Size and Shape

The first step to designing your product labels is to consider the size and shape of the label. Be sure to properly measure the container, and design the label with the container in mind. Once you have the size figured out, consider what shape you want your label to be. The most common label shape is rectangular, buy you might want to consider other unique shape options such as circular or die cut. You also want to decide how many labels you will be using on your product container. Will you be using one single “wrap-around” label, or will you have two separate labels for the front and back?      

2. Material

When designing your product label, it’s important to decide on the type of label material and finish your label is going to feature. You have a variety of options to choose from, such as matte labels, gloss labels, semi-gloss labels, clear labels, and metallic labels. The type of label material you choose can work with your design to create a truly exceptional product label. Silver or gold metallic label materials can add a touch of glamour, sophistication, and elegance to your label. Clear labels are a growing trend that allows the focus of your product packaging to be the product itself. Matte labels can add a clean, classic look to your labels while glossy labels can add impact to colors and a premium shine.    

3. Fonts

When it comes to choosing fonts for your product label, the most important element is to ensure that the text is easily readable. An easy-to-read font can grab a shopper’s attention within a matter of seconds, which is all you have. Actually, it is believed that you only have about 3 seconds. Make sure that the most important information on your label can be read quickly and from a distance. You also want to try to stick with only one or two fonts. Too many fonts can create an unwanted, messy look.      

4. Color

Believe or not, the colors you decide to use in your product label design can affect emotions and behaviors in customers, and even impact purchasing decisions. In fact, almost 85% of shoppers attribute color as a primary reason for their purchasing behavior! This is what experts call color psychology. Before choosing a color scheme for your product label, think about what types of emotions you want to evoke in your customers.

To help you get started, below you’ll find a list of colors and the meanings associated with them.    

 Red: energy, power, passion, excitement

Pink: romantic, feminine, love, beauty

Orange: enthusiasm, creativity, fun, high-spirited

Yellow: positivity, happiness, clarity, warmth

Green: healing, environment, fresh, natural

Blue: security, trust, loyalty, serence

Purple: royalty, wisdom, spirituality, fantasy

Black: powerful, prestige, elegance, sophistication

White: purity, cleanliness, softness, freshness        

5. Graphics

Using graphics or photos on your label can be a great way to draw attention to your product. If you don’t have your own graphics to use, there are several sources online where you can purchase high-resolution graphics for as low as $10, such as Adobe Stock. You can also find free photos to use on websites such as Pixabay. It is important that your graphics are high-resolution to avoid a blurry or grainy print. You should also be sure to check the image license before using any graphic to avoid legal complications.      

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