5 Packaging Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2017

5 Packaging Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2017

With the excitement of the new year behind us and a great start to 2017, we're taking a look at the latest packaging trends to keep an eye on this year. In 2016, the packaging industry moved towards simplistic, sustainable, and holistic design. While some of these styles have carried over into 2017, there are also new and innovative packaging trends to pay attention to this year.

1. Simplicity 

In a visually aggressive marketing world, consumers in 2016 were drawn to simplicity, and that isn't going away any time soon. Packaging design in 2017 is simple, bold, and clear. Bold yet simple designs are attention-grabbers and don't distract from essential product information, since customers today are drawn towards product transparency. 

2. Custom Lettering

With the majority of today's designs turning digital, custom lettering can make a product stand out through warmth and set it apart from digital designs. Packaging that displays fluid imperfections and custom lettering can create an emotional connection to the product, and make it feel wholesome and handmade. 

3. Color

This year, you're going to notice bright, vibrant pops of color in the packaging industry. Color is one of the most important choices in packaging design, and can evoke emotions as well as affect purchasing decisions. 

4. Vintage Inspiration

There is something nostalgic about vintage design that evokes emotion for those who lived through the original era while also peaking the interest of younger generations. The key to vintage inspired design is to find a balance between evoking nostalgia and maintaining a sharp, modern look.

5. Eco-Friendly

As environmental awareness continues to grow, sustainable packaging is a trend that's here to stay. Every day, more and more brands are starting to integrate eco-friendly and recyclable labels along with biodegradable and sustainable packaging into their business. While helping the environment is a main benefit of going green, adopting eco-friendly packaging can also attract consumers and add value to your brand.

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