3 Simple Tips to Ease Your Church’s Sound System Install

3 Simple Tips to Ease Your Church’s Sound System Install

3 Simple Tips to Ease Your Church’s Sound System Install

Whether you’re installing a brand new sound system or upgrading your current one, you want the process to go as smooth as possible. Taking steps to practice proper cable management can help simplify your install now and prevent troubleshooting issues in the future.  

1. Block It Out

A block diagram is a great place to start when designing your church’s sound system. A block diagram is a map of all sound system components, being represented by symbols and shapes. It documents the signal flow from source (left) to output (right). If you are upgrading your sound system and don’t already have a block diagram, it is a good idea to create one. Having a block diagram can save you from a lot of headaches during troubleshooting in the future. 

2. Keep It Clean

A clean installation will make everyone’s lives easier. A tangled mess of cables not only looks unprofessional, but can cause tripping accidents and makes troubleshooting a nightmare. Be sure to have plenty of cable ties handy during your setup for clean bundling. Some installers prefer Velcro cable ties due to the fact that they are gentler and reusable, and some prefer plastic zip ties due to their inexpensive cost. Both will get the job done! You might even consider getting some cable tie mounts to keep those wires and cables off the floor.  

3. Mark It Up

Label every cable and wire, on both ends. With so many cables and wires being run through your system, it’s important that you’re able to identify them in case you ever need to troubleshoot (which you will), if your church is mobile, or if you have to take down and set up every weekend. Either way, cable identification is essential in your setup. You can either get a handy write-on cable label dispenser that you can hand write on with a marker or printable cable labels for a more professional look.  

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