DIY Baby-Proofing on Vacation

DIY Baby-Proofing on Vacation

DIY Baby-Proofing on Vacation

With summer right around the corner, you may have already started daydreaming about the vacation getaway you have planned. You envision yourself relaxing at the pool under the warm, summer sun. You hear the tropical cabana music playing, and children laughing. But soon a dark cloud of anxiety starts to form over you as your own child comes to mind. How in the world are you going to baby-proof your rental? Child-proofing while traveling can be tricky. One thing that most vacation homes don’t offer is baby-proof rooms. Luckily, you can easily baby-proof your condo with just a few items that you probably already own! Although there is no sure fire way to completely baby-proof your rental, these simple tricks can help to put your mind at ease and prevent accidents.

Using these 5 DIY baby-proofing tips, you’ll spend less time worrying and more time relaxing while on vacation. Items needed:

  • Zip ties
  • A pool noodle
  • Band-Aids

1. Shorten pull cords on curtains and blinds

You can easily shorten hotel room or condo pull cords on windows and doors to keep them out of your little one’s reach. Simply wrap the cord to your desired length, and secure with a cinched zip tie. Be sure to do this on all pull cords that are long enough to be reached. You can also use zip ties to bundle or shorten electrical cords to keep them out of harm’s way as well.  

2. Make a DIY doorstop and protect sharp edges

You’re going on vacation, so odds are you’ll already have all you need for this DIY trick! Did you know that your pool noodles can double as door stops and sharp edge protectors? Pack an extra noodle to keep your toddler from getting their fingers pinched in doors, and to provide a soft edge on sharp tables. Cut off a segment of the pool noodle, then make a vertical cut on the segment and attach it to the edge of a door or coffee table. 

 “MsDanaRyan” has an awesome video tutorial on how to do this, check out the video above!  

3. Make DIY child-proof locks

To keep your little one out of cabinets, you can create child-proof locks on the go. Connect any cabinet or pantry knobs with zip ties and cinch to tighten. It's also a good idea to use releasable zip ties for this trick so that you’ll be able to easily get into the cabinets and then reattach the “lock” after.  

4. Install a baby gate without drilling

If you’re staying at a rental that has stairs, you can easily install a baby gate using zip ties without leaving a mark. This idea can easily be used while traveling, using either heavy-duty zip ties or Velcro straps to help keep your little one safe on vacation.   

5. Cover all electrical outlets. It’s important to cover up all electrical outlets, but you may not want to bring a stash of outlet plugs with you. Whenever you’re traveling, you can easily cover up electrical outlets with Band-Aids, since you’ll probably have them on you anyways!  

Now that you know these 5 child-proof traveling tips, you can continue to daydream about your summer vacation! Do you have any of your own child-proofing tips for traveling? Let us know in the comment section below!

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