7 DIY Home Hacks for Every Room Using Velcro Strips

7 DIY Home Hacks for Every Room Using Velcro Strips

7 DIY Home Hacks for Every Room Using Velcro Strips

Who knew there were so many awesome life hacks using Velcro strips?Anywhere you go, from your bathroom to your garden, life can be made easier with a roll of hook and loop strips.

Read below to go through every room and learn hacks for each of them. 


Do the cords to your bathroom appliances always get tangled? Here’s an easy hack: wrap Velcro strips around your hair dryer, curling iron, and straightener cords. This will keep them neat, tidy, and untangled when they’re stored and not in use.  

Laundry Room

 Do you ever find that when you take your sweater out of the dryer, small balls of fluff have magically formed all over it? Get rid of those pesky sweater pills with a Velcro strip. Wrap a strip of Velcro around your hand and gently run it up and down your sweater. The pills will want to leave your sweater and cling to the Velcro.  


How many times have your dish towels slipped off the oven door and onto the floor? With this easy fix from 4 Men 1 Lady, it’ll never happen again! In her easy DIY tutorial, Michelle sews small strips of Velcro onto the inside of her dish towels so that the ends stick together. Your dish towels will forever hang perfectly aligned and will stay off the floor!  

Living Room

Television and computer cords can start to have a mind of their own in your living room. Keep them in place with Velcro strips. You can use Velcro strips to shorten your cords or to wrap them into bundles. You can also gather cords on your carpet and place a strip over them, Velcro side down. The strip will stick to your carpet and keep your cords from going wayward. For more tips on how to tame the wires in your living room, check out our article on cable clutter!  


The struggle of putting on a bed skirt is real, especially if you have to do it by yourself. Sewing or hot gluing strips of Velcro along the inner edge of your bed skirt can make it a breeze to remove and attach after cleaning! If you want to learn how to make your own Velcro bed skirt, check out this bed skirt tutorial by Anka's Treasures!  


Trying to get your tablecloth to stay on your picnic table can be a nightmare on windy days. To make it a breeze to eat in the breeze, try this DIY hack. Staple strips of Velcro to the underside of your picnic table. Then, sew matching strips to the underside of your tablecloth. Your table cloth will never fly away again!   Garden

Keeping staked garden plants and vegetables upright is easy with Velcro strips! Simply wrap a strip around your plants to support them.  

Do you have your own creative uses for Velcro strips? Let us know in the comment section below and your idea could be featured in our next #FridayFun article!

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